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Bulk sms for schools, DND Open Route With Sender ID

Bulk sms for schools

Bulk sms for schools


Our Website Provided DND OPEN ROUTE


Any one using Transactional Route like Banks,


Schools, Colleges


Contact : 09867711171 Prakash Shah


English and All Indian Languages

  • - English SMS up to 2500 characters
  • - Flash SMS
  • - SMS in all Indian Languages
  • - Business vCards

Powerful Tools for Push SMS

  • - Organize contacts in groups
  • - Upload Excel or CSV of 1 Million messages
  • - Schedule messages up to 1 year in advance

Fast, Secure and Reliable

  • - Schedule messages for future

API Support

  • - Scalable SMPP support
  • - Simple HTTP/HTTPS APIs
  • - Up to 1 million messages via single API call
  • - Delivery reports and keyword responses via   HTTP API


Contact : 09867711171 Prakash Shah



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