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Funny Good Night Sms

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Funny Good Night Sms


If drop of water fals in lake

there is no identity,

but if it fals on leaf of

lotus shines like a pearl.

so chose best palce where u shine..gud night


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"LIFE" is only a "REFLECTION " of what we allow ourselves to see. with "Love & Affection"..

...gud night



/) (,


Are baap re yaar itni thand m me badi duur se aaye hu aapko wish karne..

GOOD NIGHT ofoo bdi thand h ab hum chalte hai.


Special people are cherished

beyond all wordly measures,

for in our memory they shine brighter

than gold n last longer than

diamonds gud ni8


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart

Makes When You`re Fast Asleep.

In Dreams You Will Lose Your

Heartaches.Good Night


Ho gayi hai ab to black-black night.

Chand ne bhi kar di hai white-white light.

Sweet-sweet sapno ki tum pakad lo flight.

Oh my "FRIEND" hav a gud gud night.B-)


One Special Surpirse for you!!!! Close your Eyes now

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

You Cheat

you did not closed your eyes!

So Now, no surprise, Only good Night


Morning makes us tension,

Afternoon makes us tired,

Evening makes us engage,

But only night makes us rest,

So close your eyes and

Enjoy your dreams good night and takecare my freinds...


,-- / ,-- ,-- , --.

'-. / /-- /-- /--'

--' '- '-- '-- / Well.


S-Say thanks to the god.

L-Lying on the bed.

E- Eyes closed slowly

E-End of the day.

P-Plan for the next day.




Take a sweet smile when

you are insulted.

Sometimes, a smile is enough

to make them regret with

their words.Good Night


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