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Romantic Good Night Sms

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Romantic Good Night Sms

=*%-._.-%* =.
'-._G O O D_.-'
=%*-._.-*% =,
'-.   Night      -'
'+. _ .+'
Keep Smiling and enjoy deep sleep


One Big day is going to over.

Recollect the moments,

which happened today.

Feel the Strength of relation.

Go to bed with the wit the sweetness of today.

Relax yourself….& Wait for another Good Day.

Have a nice Sleep……


Every normal person has 72 heart beats,

but for myself its 73.

The extra 1 is your smile.

So dont stop your smile, it will affect my heart.

Keep smiling.

Take care & Good Night


Deepak mein agar nur na hota,

tanha dil agar majbur na hota,

hum khud aapko GOOD NIGHT kahne aate,

agar aapka aashiyana itna door na hota.


Think Of Your Faults The

First Part Of The Night

When You Are Awake,

And The Faults Of Others

The Latter Part Of The Night

When You Are Asleep. Good Night.


Every garden must have a rose,

Every face must have a smile,


Every grass must have a dew,

Every person in this world must have a friend like u.

GUd ny8…


Funny but true THOUGHT:-

in the past, nobogy had a watch but Everyone had Time.

now everyone has a watch but NOBODY has TIME.:)

gud nyt :)


An early night msg doesn’t

mean that I am disturbing u

it means u r one of d first few people

about whom I am thinking before closing my eyes


Aisa lagta hai kuch hone ja raha hai,

Koi meethe meethe sapnon me khone ja raha hai,

Dheemi kar de apni roshni ae chaand,

Dost mera ab sone ja raha hai..


all days worries,

tiredness, fatigue,

goes away when you lie on bed

by closing your eyes…you feel so

relaxed as if you are in heaven…

so wishing you a very good night.


silence and smile are two powerful tools.

smile is the way to solve many probs ..

and silence is the way to avoid many probs…

so have a silent smile..gdn8



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