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Inspiring thoughts | Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring thoughts | Inspiring Quotes

Selfish 1- letter “I” Avoid it.
Satisfying 2-letter “WE” Use it.
Poisonous 3-letter “EGO” Kill it.
Most used 4-letter “LOVE” Value it.
Pleasing 5-letter “SMILE” Keep it.
Fastest spreading 6-letter “RUMOUR” Ignore it.
Hardest working 7-letter “SUCCESS” Achieve it.
Enviable 8-letter “JEALOUSY” Distance it.
Powerful 9-letter “KNOWLEDGE” Acquire it.
Essential 10-letter “CONFIDENCE” Trust it.

Beautiful Thoughts of life

“The adventure of life is to learn.
The purpose of life is to grow.
The nature of life is to change.
The challenge of life is to overcome.
The essence of life is to care.
The opportunity of like is to serve.
The secret of life is to dare.
The spice of life is to befriend.
The beauty of life is to give.”
~ William Arthur Ward

Having Allah in your heart does not mean that you will not face any storm... But it means that no storm can sink your boat..!!

Life Is Like Making
TEA . . .
Boil Your Ego
Evaporate Your Worries
Dilute Your Sorrows
Filter Your Mistakes
Get A Great Taste Of
H A P P I N E S S. . . =)

'TIME' is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost. So when someone spends it for u, it defines the depth of care he has for U.!



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