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Romantic Love Thoughts

Romantic Love Thoughts


i may not be your first love
I May Not Be Your First Love ?
First Kiss,?
First Sight,
Or First Date.?
I’m Not In This To Be Your First
I Just Want To Be Your Last ?
I Cant Share You With Any1
U R Mine And Only Mine ?


f the days won’t allow us to
see each other, memories will,

and if my eyes can’t see you,
my heart will never forget you.


Kabhi subha ko yaad aate ho,
kabhi shaam ko yaad aate ho,
Kabhi kabhi itna yaad aate ho,
Aaina hum dekte hai, nazar tum aate ho!


Aawaz se pyari Ankhe, Ankho se pyari sanse,

Sanso se pyara Dil, Dil se pyari Dhadkan,

Dhadkan se pyare AAP aur Aap se pyare HUM.


Letters Start With ABC
Numbers Start With 123
Music Starts With Dore-me
Starts With You & Me


You are the joy of my life,
You are the smile of my face,
I live to see you,
Your warm smile gives me strength,
Don’t you ever leave me.
I love You


My life is for you,
My heart beats for you,
My soul goes on love you,
My eyes always wants to see you,
My lips wants the touch of yours,
I exist only for you…


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