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Romantic Thoughts Poems

Romantic Thoughts Poems


Underneath the moonlit sky, beneath a blanket of stars, I lay with you in a land afar.

It's so quiet, all I can hear, is my breath, I vaguely take, with you so near.

You have my body .........

You will always be mine even if we are miles apart,
You will always be mine, and occupy a huge part in my heart.
You will always be mine, even if it makes me sad and blue,
You will always be mine, well I mean, only if I keep loving you.
Every night as I lay on my bed,
Your thoughts begin to fill my head.
When I fall asleep, in my dreams
It is your pretty face that I see.
With you my angel, life feels so right,
Your smile fills my heart with delight.
It makes me feel happy that I am alive,
I always seem to want you by my side.
Dearest heart, don't let me down at this hour,
I have no time to waste, I'm totally out of power.
Your love baby has overtaken me and my whole life,
I cannot think of anything else but you, I can't deny.
You make everyday worth looking forward to,
Without you I find myself completely lost and blue.
So please don't make me wait any longer,
Promise to hold my hand baby, forever!
It doesn't matter if you are here or else where,
You're safe in my heart & forever you shall stay there.
Your thoughts will continue to bring a smile to my face,
And a twinkle to my eyes, till the end of my days.
And when I miss you too much and your loving care.
I will simply call out to you, I know you will be there
Love is nothing without you babe, love is nothing with you,
You manage to lift up my spirits so easily whenever I'm lost and blue.
Your love is like a drug, I keep longing for more and more,
I keep loving you everyday, girl you leave my heart so sore.
Each time I see your face it is like I'm lost in transition,
But girl little do you know, that it is you causing my reincarnation.
I don't feel like I'm me anymore, I am a brand new person,
I always smile these days, baby I've turned into my happier version.
I love you!


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