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Miss You Thoughts

Miss You Thoughts


Pal Main Doori Ho Jaati Hai
Zaat Aadhoori Ho Jaati Hai
Aankhon Main Neend Aati Nahin
Raat Puri Ho Jaati Hai
Pehlay Tu Hoti Hai Chahat
Phir Majboori Ho Jaati Hai
Tanhai Jab Bool Paray Tu
Baat Zaroori Ho Jaati Hai
Kuch Logon Ki Lahma Bhar Main
Khwaahish Puri Ho Jaati Hai
Had Say Pyaar Ghuzar Jaye Tu
Aksar Doori Ho Jaati Hai


Mere dil ki majburi ko ilzam na de,
Mujhe yad rakh beshak mera naam na le,
Tera weham hai k main ne bhula diya tujhe,
Meri aisi koi sans nai jo tera nam na ley.


I heard someone whisper by your name.
but i when i turned around to see who was that,
i notice i was alone! then i realizedit
was my hart telling me..I miss you.


Distance never separates two hearts that really care,
for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there.
But whenever I
start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to
have someone so special to miss."


Everything comes and goes each night
I am alone I can't seem to think clearly I am left here on my own
I walk down the crowded avenue people all around
Something is not here that I miss look inside myself
There is only emptiness
Or I can walk on a lonely road
No one here by my side
If I told you I am happy now
That’s not the truth … I lied
I could continue this path I am on
I could probably make it through
I have everything I need to get by
Except … ! The one thing missing in my life 'Is You"


I miss the way you used to hug me, I miss the way you

used to kiss my lips, but most of all I miss the way you held me and my heart. I miss you..


Missing you can turn from pain to pleasure
if I knew you were missing me too.


I think of you with every waking moment of my life and dream of you with every dream that I have; I miss you.


Whenever we're not toghether, my life is life a broken pencil... It has no point... I MISS U SO MUCH...


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