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brahma kumaris Spiritual Leaders

brahma kumaris Spiritual Leaders, brahma kumaris seva, brahma kumaris Head

One of the first questions frequently asked upon encountering the Brahma

Kumaris is, “Is this a women’s organisation?” The answer is “no”. Although

primarily administered by women, it is an organisation in which both women

and men participate equally.

The Role of Women

In October 1937, Brahma Baba formed a Managing Committee of eight

young women and in February 1938, he surrendered all his property and

assets to a Trust administered by them. The soundness of his decision to

choose women and young girls as administrators and spiritual teachers has

been born out by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)

becoming a respected global institution under their leadership. Brahma

Baba also correctly foresaw that core values based on traditionally

feminine qualities – patience, tolerance, sacrifice, kindness and love –

would increasingly become the foundation of progress in personal

growth, human relations, and the development of caring communities.

Spiritual Partnership

Brahma Baba’s vision of the future world was one of harmony between

the sexes and of partnership rooted in spirituality, for spirituality is the

key to trust and respect. Today, although women head the organisation,

there are many men coordinating centres and playing other key

administrative roles.

Brahma kumaris Dadi Janki - Administrative Head

“What kind of world is forming now, beyond this winter of war

and sorrow, of poverty, pollution and death? In the winter,

we foresee the spring. Those with a positive vision of the

future give us an image of a world on this planet where all

things are given freely, where the highest human potential is

fully realised. But we can get to that stage only when there

are leaders to take us there.” —Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki joined the BKWSU as a founding member in 1937 at the

age of 21. In the 1950's she established numerous BK centres throughout

India. In 1974 she established the first BK centre outside of India, in

London, UK. Under her guidance and inspiration, centres now exist in

nearly 100 countries. She was appointed Administrative Head of the

BKWSU in 2007.

Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki Serving the World

Dadi Janki maintains an unrivalled daily lecturetouring

schedule even today, at age 94. She has travelled

world–wide almost incessantly over the past decade,

engaging with people from the grass roots to government

leaders. She is a soul who refuses to set limits and

boundaries as to what is achievable and, in so doing,

inspires others to believe that they too can make the impossible, possible.

Dadi Janki

A visionary whose uniqueness lies in her unswerving optimism and a

heart that is rich with compassion, Dadi Janki has redefined the

concept of freedom in the West by placing it within the context

of the ancient wisdom of the East. Internationally

acknowledged as a great teacher and mentor, she continues to

offer inspiration to many people who are searching for peace and

harmony in their heart and in their homeland.

Here is a press kit of Dadi Janki.

brahma kumaris Spiritual Leaders

Dadi Hirdaya Mohini- Additional Administrative Head

“Tie your lifeline to the boat of truth. Let your actions

be governed by that which nourishes the heart. Even

if a mountain falls on you, don’t let go of your

happiness – it is your greatest treasure and gift

to others. There is no greater nourishment than

happiness.” —Dadi Hirdaya Mohini (Dadi Gulzar)

Dadi Gulzar

Dadi Gulzar’s Special Qualities

When she was only 16, Brahma Baba asked her to

leave the headquarters and open a meditation centre

in Lucknow. A combination of innocence, courage and

humour characterise her story of travelling through

India as a young girl, protected only by the conviction

that God was guiding her life. That conviction has

formed a personality of complete clarity and openness – she does not

have the masks and defence mechanisms that most of us carry.

Dadi Gulzar

Dadi Gulzar’s Visions

Dadi Gulzar has a deep belief in human potential for the creation

of a better world. From an early age she had divine visions of

a future world where technology, together with social, economic

and political structures, are in alignment with highest human

values, and where harmony, peace and prosperity prevail.

Her belief that this is the future of humanity has taken her

to every continent of the world, where she speaks on the

practical applications of meditation and spiritual values in

everyday life. Dadi Gulzar is the Director of Brahma Kumaris

centres in Delhi and Kashmir.

Dadi Ratan Mohini



“When individuals of any age learn to

turn inward and connect with their innate,

divine nature and its Source, then, regardless

of circumstances, such a one experiences and

expresses true peace and happiness. This is why

spiritual education is the need of the hour”

— Dadi Ratan Mohini

Lifelong Service

When barely twelve years old, Dadi came in contact with

the Brahma Kumaris and started attending the children’s

class that

Brahma Baba had established. She and her mother moved

with the community in 1937 to Karachi and then in 1950

to Mount Abu. In 1954 Dadi, along with another sister

and brother, represented the BKWSU at the World Peace

Conference in Japan. Dadi subsequently travelled in Asia

for nearly a year, rendering BKWSU services to people in

Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Throughout her

thirties and forties, she served in India, organizing

numerous large-scale BK events throughout the country.

From 1972 to 1974 she played a major role in the

establishment of BK centres in the United Kingdom.

Since then Dadi has been based in India but has

travelled throughout Africa, North and South America and

the Caribbean, Europe, Russia and Asia. In India she

is known for the large youth marches and rallies

which she has organized or guided.

Dadi is of an intellectual bent and from a young age

was encouraged by Brahma Baba to study and write

about her understanding of BK concepts. A deep

thinker and insightful speaker on any spiritual subject,

Dadi exemplifies a life of purity, peace and elevated purpose.



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