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Swaminarayan Sadhu | Swaminarayan Saint | Swaminarayan Sant

Swaminarayan Sadhu | Swaminarayan Saint | Swaminarayan Sant


The Prominent Sants (Saints)

1. Gopalanand Swami 10. Gunatitanand Swami
2. Muktanand Swami 11. Devanand Swami
3. Brahmanand Swami 12. Vyapakanand Swami
4. Nityanand Swami 13. Swarupanand Swami
5. Shukanand Swami 14. Sachchidanand Swami
6. Nishkulanand Swami 15. Achyutdasji
7. Shatanand Swami 16. Adwaittanand Swami
8. Akhandanand Swami 17. Bhumanand Swami
9. Premanand Swami 18. Mukundanand Varni
Gopalanand Swami, the Yoga Murti
Samvat Year 1837-1908 (1781-1852 AD)

While returning to Akshardham, Lord had put the hands of both the Acharyas in the hands of Gopalanand Swami, made him the chief and had given the charge of the whole Sampraday. He had also shown too much divinity like, Tele-vision, Tele-hearing, Omni-science, control over the Kala (age), the Maya (divine power)the whole universe, the rain etc. By only a glance, he had put many vicious, sinful, devilish people into Samadhi and changed them into virtuous moral pious devotees of God Supreme. Lord made him the Chief of all and said, "All should obey him .If anybody does not obey him should not be known as my follower."

Swami’s Yougik talent

Hemraj Shah of Sundariyana was a great Nadi Vaidya i.e. very expert to know the disease by the pulse only. He was chief in his caste, a learned and a staunch devotee of Lord Shree Krishna. He was very kind to all. He would serve all the ailing without any distinction, whether rich or poor, by caste higher or lower. His sons were divotees of Lord Swaminarayan. He disliked it.

Once Gopalanand Swami called him on the pretext of his illness, gave his hand in his hand and asked to diagnose the disease. Swamiji stopped completely, the beating of his pulse. He examined the whole body, but it was just like a dead body. While He was speaking with him very actively. Hemraj Shah was very much puzzled. He had heard such type of divinity for Lord Shree Krishna only. He bowed at his feet and said, "You are Almighty Lord Shree Krishna. "Swamiji said, "I am only a devotee. Lord Swaminarayan is the Almighty God Supreme. Hemraj Shah then became a staunch devotee of Lord Swaminarayan.

Swami’s control over the whole Universe

Krishnaram Shastri was a famous astronomer in the assembly of Gaikwad Vadodara State since, he was devotee of Lord Swaminarayan, other members envied him.

Once, it was to happen a lunar eclipse. Due to some counting mistake, Krishnaram declared, "There will be no eclipse. "The others said. "It will surely occur."Once if a mistake is occurred, man may commit the same mistakes there. It cannot be rectified. Both sides were firm. They came on betting. The Pandits asked, "Are you betting your head if eclipse takes ?"Krishnaram replied, "Yes."

After reaching home, he counted calmly and knew that it was sure to happen. He was very gloomy. Gopalanand Swami called him and said, "Never to bet of any sort. I will change the rotation, position and speed of moon and the earth to save you. Go to the assembly and declare firmly, "The eclipse is not to happen at all." All the Pandits came to Gopalanand Swami said, "It is in the hand of Krishnaram to allow to happen eclipse or not, since he denies it would not happen."

Really the eclipse did not happen. To save a staunch devotee of Lord Gopalanand Swami changed the rotation of the moon and the earth.

Absolute celibacy by grace

Once Gopalanand Swami was coming from Gadhada to Vadtal. He was ill and very much tired. A young Saint served him for the whole night. Early morning, Swami saw him serving. Swami asked him, "Have you taken rest or not ?". He said "You are old, ill and tired. I am young. It doesn’t harm if I don’t rest. I must serve you." Gopalanand Swami was very much pleased. He told him to ask any desired boon from him. The young Saint said, "I observe penance, fasts and try my utmost even then, I can’t get rid of the lust or Passion from the inner body. "Swami said, "Since now you will be the absolute celibate. The lust or the passion in your sensorial body will be completely burnt away."

Thorough knowledge of Gopalanand Swami’s grace

A student named Tryambaknath was studying the scriptures from a Shastri. Since he could not remember and could not catch up the lesson Shastri drove him away. He requested too much, yet, Shastri did not take him in the class.

Tryambaknath was a devotee of Lord and disciple of Gopalanand Swami. He went to Swami and moaned. Any how, he wanted to learn. Swami asked him, "Will you take the side firmly of Swaminarayan if you get a seat in the assembly of the Gaikwad Vadodara State ?"He said, to ask you any of the hardest questions from Vedas or any other scriptures. Tryambaknath went to the tutor. The tutor insulted him and tried to drive him away, still he insisted him to ask a question from scriptures. The tutor asked a mysterious question from Magh Kavya. Tryambaknath gave its five different meanings. The tutor was astonished. He said, "Now you are my Guru."

Without any study, he became a great scholar with profound knowledge in every subject.

Narsiram of Manasa became an absolute celibate by the grace of Gopalanand Swami. Abhaysingh Darbar was passing his time in hunting was changed into pious staunch devotee, who used to meditate six hours at a squat.

Divinity invested by Gopalanand Swami Hanumanji at Sarangpur

Lord had celebrated many festivals at Sarangpur, so it became a holy place. Amarakhachar and Vaghakhachar of Sarangpur could not serve the pilgrims fairly.

Gopalanand Swami asked Kanji Mistry to prepare an artistic idol of Hanumanji. It was got installed by Acharya Raghuvirji, in V. S. 1895 i.e. 1849 A. D., Gopalanand Swami invested a good deal of divinity in that idol which we can see even to day.

Whosoever bewitched or haunted by any evil spirit like devil, demon, witch, ghost etc., goes there, the worshipper takes water and dips the stick of Gopalanand Swami in it and sprinkles water on the bewitched with charms of Hanumanji. Whoever and however obstinate evil spirit may be but it runs away crying loudly as burning, going ,won’t come again etc.

Even today people from whole India come there with agonies and miseries, but they go happily got rid of all sorts of the evil spirits and miseries. It has become a famous place to get rid of all sorts of evil spirits. It is the greatness of Gopalanand Swami to invest good deal of divinity in an idol for the welfare of the people.

By whose words people were getting Samadhi and in that they had the vision of Almighty God. The vicious, devils and sinful people were changed into virtuous, pious, devotees. The people got profound thorough knowledge without any efforts. The rotation and the direction of the moon and the earth were changed. Gopalanand Swami who has shown such types of innumerable miracles, can’t be even imagined of his greatness.

Gopalanand Swami has composed many scriptures and commentaries over Bhagavat Geeta, Shreemad Bhagavat etc.

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Muktanand Swami, the mother of Communion

Samvat Year 1814-1887 (1758-1830 AD)

Muktanand Swami was an ideal Saint with austere penance and non-attachment to worldly objects. Eventhough he was very old, he used to dance in front of Lord Swaminarayan tying the rattles on his feet, while Lord honored him as His Guru.

Muktanand Swami had deep affection like a mother towards all the people. Enduring all sorts of pains and sufferings, he used to lead all the people into devotion of God Supreme by endearing sermons with deep love. Since he cared everybody like a mother, he was known as the mother of communion.

He decreased his austerity to give courage to others

Once Muktanand Swami had been for preaching with sixty Saints. They did not get bhiksha for four consecutive days. On the fifth day, a devout fellow offered them food. Since ghee, oil, milk, sugar and the tasty food was restricted for the saints, Swami told him to prepare only khichdi i.e. mixing of rice and dal. The devout fellow put some ghee in it while cooking. While eating, it smelt. Many Saints got up. Swami asked them all to eat and said, "If Lord rebukes me, I’ll hear it or if he gives any atonement to expiate I’ll do it."Yet some of them did not eat. They complained against Muktanand Swami for transgressing His order.

Lord asked Swami, "Why did you transgress my order? "Swami said, "All the sixty saints had four consecutive fasts, if they don’t eat, it would be the fifth day and the next day was Ekadashi fast day. So then they had to fast for six consecutive days. Now if we don’t eat, the food prepared for sixty would have been wasted, and the poor fellow might feel ill, might fall down from the salvation. It would be better to expiate myself only, instead all to suffer.

Lord was very much pleased and embraced him

Once the construction work of the grand temple at Vadtal was in full swing. The saints were working hard for the whole day. At night, they had to study. It was order for the saints to eat once only at noon everyday. Since they were working hard, they fill hungry, so the young saints used to go to cook and ask for remaining food of previous day in the morning. The cook gave them loaves etc.

A morning some saints were eating. Muktanand Swami happened to pass from there. The young saints saw him. They were ashamed and tried to hide them. Swami directly went to the cook and asked for some food. The young saints who had remained yet brought and gave him. He took only a peace and asked the cook to give them daily. He was very strict in his own observance, yet he took a peace here. Lord was pleased.

Once two hundred Khaki Vairagis equipped with all the destructive weapons came to Gadhada to kill Lord Swaminarayan and His saints. Lord heard it. He asked Muktanand Swami to save from them. Swami took some Saints and went towards them. Seeing them, he said, "Oh, look at those muktas of Vaikunth the released attendants of Lord Laxminarayan. It is our great luck to see them. It is their grace that they have revealed us."So saying, started prostrating them. Other followed him. Seeing, this, their anger and energy both deceased. They bowed down at Muktanand Swami feet and said, "We are the attendant of the Yama Raja i.e., the God of the death. You are the real attendants of Vaikunth.

Muktanand Swami fed them well and preached them the reality of human life. Many of them left all the vices and became the followers.

The Marvelous dancing of Muktanand Swami

Once a music party of Gwalior came to Gadhada and asked Lord to arrange a competition with the Saints of Lord and asked a good reward if they win. Lord got the courtyard swept and the kum-kum was sprinkled over it. Lord asked Muktanand Swami to start. Muktanand Swami tied rattles on his feet and took Kadtal in his hands. He bowed to Lord and started. He took his one leg lifted up stood on the front part of his sole and began to hop backward along with his music, song and dance. All were attracted too much and were engrossed in his every activity of all the three. After half an hour, he completed. The musicians of Gwalior were impressed too much. They praised loudly. Lord asked them to get up and to see the footprints of Muktanand Swami. They were very much astonished to see an artistic picture of an elephant depicted by his footprints as if drawn by an artist.

The musicians of Gwalior bowed down to Lord and said, "It is our great luck that we got a chance to see such marvelous combination of song, music dance and an artistic drawing.

Muktanand Swami was a born poet. Over and above his poetical genius he was an efficient stronger and a musician as well as a proficient dancer.

Muktanand Swami has composed many prayers, hymns of Lord’s glory and his divine activities and the songs on mystic preaching on various subjects. They are compiled and published as Muktanand Kavya.

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Brahmanand Swami. A Jocular born Poet

Samvat Year 1828-1888 (1772-1832 AD)

Brahmanand Swami was an expert and efficient in every subject and in every field. He was a born poet who could compose poems and hymns extemporaneously. He was an expert architect. He has constructed three grand temples at Vadtal, Junagadh and Muli. They are the models of his well designed architecture.

He was a very famous poet and highly respected by the great kings. Even after his renunciation, the King of Vadodara, Bhavnagar and Junagadh had offered estates of good income, but he refused.

Brahmanand Swami was every laughing, jolly, jocular Saint. He treated friendly with Lord in speech but he was an ardent staunch single--minded devotee, with very austere observance. Lord might be angry, sorrowful or serious, he would make Him laugh by any means.

Lord Swaminarayan used to keep a rosary made from betel-nut. If anybody dozed he would throw it on him to wake him up. Once Brahmanand Swami was dozing. Lord threw the betel-nut rosary . He got up and said, that he was not dozing but was composing a hymn of His glory and was engrossed in it. Lord asked him to sing it. Brahmanand Swami said,"I will sing first and you all follow me."He started a hymn describing Lord’s dressing, His highness and His glorious activities. He was sitting as well as composing extemporaneously the further line. Thus he sang continuously for half an hour. Lord was very much pleased.

Effect of his devoted celibacy

Brahmanand Swami had been to Dharangadhra for the contribution of the temple at Muli. People used to call him at their houses to give their contribution.

An envious jealous fellow came with a ruffian passionate horse and asked Swami, "Please chasten it by riding on it and I will give you my contribution."He thought, "Swami is fatty. If he sits on him, the horse will definitely fall him down and will break his bones, and won be able to collect any more."Brahmanand Swami through his intuitive power knew his malicious intention. He petted the horse and said, the horse is chastened now. Only by the touch of Brahmanand Swami the ruffian passionate horse became mild and passionless. He was surrounded by mares but did not lift his sight upward. Seeing this, the malicious fellow bowed at his feet and begged for pardon.

If only by touch a ruffian and passionate animal is changed into mild and passionless, what a high stage of devoted celibacy must be of Brahmanand Swami ? One can’t even imagine for it.

Brahmanand Swami has composed too many hymns describing the divine glory and the divine activities of Lord. Also he has composed many mysterious hymns, on various subjects. Lord has announced "I shall give my divine vision to one who recites ardently 100 hymns daily composed by Brahmanand Swami."His hymns are published in a great volume named Brahmanand Kavya. Some of them are relayed on radio.

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Nityanand Swami. The ever victorious Pandit

Samvat Year 1832-1908 (1776-1852 AD)

Dinmani Sharma was an owner of a great state of Datia near Gwalior. To have a divine vision of Almighty God, he left home. Seeing Lord, he renounced, initiated at Meghpur and was renamed as Nityanand Swami.

Nityanand Swami was a great scholar in every scripture having thorough profound spiritual knowledge, All Vedas and scriptures were at the tip of his tongue. Nobody could debate with him. to declare Swaminarayan sect as Anti-veda, all other sects tried their utmost, but Nityanand Swami reached everywhere and defeated them all.

Nityanand Swami has composed a scripture named Hari--Digvijay describing the glory of Lord, His activities and His victories everywhere. He has given deep and thorough knowledge of Atma, Parmatma and the Maya with detail in it.

The Gujarati translation of Shikshapatri done by Nityanand Swami is authenticated by Lord, is studied and worshipped by all. He has also composed many other scriptures.

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Shukanand Swami, the Private Secretary of Lord

Vikram Samvat 1855-1925 (1799-1869 AD)

Shukanand Swami (Shuk Muni) was a Private Secretary of Lord. He used to write for Lord whatever He wished. The extracts from the scriptures taken out by Lord were all written with hand and were compiled by him.

Shuk Muni was very humble and obedient. Once he wrote walking up the whole night. In the morning, Lord tore it off without looking into it. He did not feel at all as why it was torn. He started writing again. Lord was pleased very much.

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Nishkulanand Swami. An ideal non-attachment

Vikram Samvat 1822-1903 (1766-1847 AD)

Nishkulanand Swami was an ideal example of penance, renunciation, and non-attachment, to the worldly objects. His hymns and kirtans describing the perishability of the worldly objects, the inescapable severe pains and the sufferings therein, having no means to get rid of them are impressive that even a cruel, a vicious or a sinful would also be declined to devotion of God.

He has composed a scripture named "Bhakta Chintamani", describing the life history of Lord along with His sermons, His theory, the obstacles faced by Him and His glorious activities.

He has also composed twenty two other very impressive scriptures on various subjects. They are complied as Nishkulanand Kavya. Many have obtained Ph. D. over them. Many of his hymns are relayed on the radio.

Nishkulanand Swami. The heavy hearted obedient Servant.

Lalji Sutar of Shekhpat had been with lord as a guide while going to Kaccha. On the way at Adhoi, he was initiated as Saint, named Nishkulanand Swami, and asked to beg bhiksha from his wife.

When Lord wished to leave this World, He informed three days in advance to Nishkulanand Swami, and asked to prepare a palanquin for His bier. Swami prepared it during night only. When Lord left the human body, all Saints asked him to prepare a palanquin. He said, "It is ready."He brought it. All asked him, "When Lord was alive, how did you prepare it? "He replied,"I am a heavy hearted obedient servant. Any damn or any hard order may be, I must obey it."

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Sidhamukta Santdasji, - Shatanand Swami

Santdasji ( Shatanand Swami) was a staunch devotee having Akhand samadhi i.e. uninterrupted stage of Samadhi i.e. trance. He used to see Lord in divine perceptible human from in every work and in every stage, even in deep sleep. Many a times, he remained in Samadhi for more then six months.

Finally Lord kept him at Gadhada, gave him intuitive power and asked him to compose Satsangi Jivan, a huge divine scripture describing the history of Swaminarayan Sampraday, Lord’s glory, His theory, His activities and the knowledge and sermons given by Him.

Shatanand Swami has written commentary over Shikshapatri and translation of Vachanamrut, Hari Vakya Sudha Sindhu and many other scriptures in Sanskrit.

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Akhandanand Swami, An ideal patience

Akhandanand Swami (senior] was and ardent staunch devotee with extreme patience. Once he was passing through a forest with his disciples. They saw four tigers coming towards them. The disciples hurried to climb up the trees. Akhandanand Swami said, "The death is destined according to one’s own previous actions. It is sure to come. Nobody can escape from it. You may die by falling from the tree or even by stumbling. One should not fear from death. "The disciples climbed up the tree. The tigers came nearer. One of them ran forward and lifted his paw to kill him. Almighty God gave them the knowledge of the greatness of Swami. The tiger was standing with his paw lifted up as if spell-bound. Akhandanand Swami holding up his paw said, "It is your food. Eat it."To their surprise, all the tigers prostrated, circumambulated and went away.

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Premanand Swami -Prem Sakhi -An idol of Love

Lord Swaminarayan has praised Premanand Swami as an idol of love. He was a born poet, a great songster, as well as a proficient musician. His hymns, songs of Lords glory and the hymns describing Lord’s daily activities are full of deep love. They are so effective and impressive that one who hears inclines to deep love towards Lord. While singing be used to be engrossed deeply and would make the whole atmosphere devout and full of affection towards God Supreme.

Once a music party came from Lucknow and proposed a competition with the Saints of Lord. Lord asked Premanand Swami to begin first. It was evening. Premanand Swami started Bhairav Rag which is sung in the morning only. Hearing it, the musicians of Lucknow laughed at him for his ignorance, saying, "He has no knowledge of what to sing, and when to sing."

Premanand Swami was deeply engrossed in the love towards Lord and the effective wordings of prayer. By its effect, the whole atmosphere was changed into morning. The birds started their morning songs. The eastward sky became red as if it is day-break. The music party of Lucknow forgot the time. They were also engrossed in the song of morning prayer. As soon as Swami stopped his prayer, the atmosphere was changed into its originality.

The musicians of Lucknow were very much impressed, bowed down to Lord and went away. Premanand Swami’s hymns are daily sung by all the devotees as daily routine. His hymns are collected and published as the "Premanand Kavya ". Many of his hymns are relayed on radio also.

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Gunatitanand Swami

Samvat 1841 appeared with an extraordinary significance. Devils on one hand were insulting religious rituals, saints were bravely facing them on other. Moon with full shining in the month of Asho was staring at a small village named Bhadara. The wicked hearts were instinctively afraid of any unknown spirit. Krishna's Rasa-lila was being contemplating by sages. Today's Sharad Purnima traced remarkable moment in the world history by giving birth to an uncommon personality. Since his very infant age he was esteemed with reverence.

Named as Mulji, he habituated to play with divinity. To sing transcendental glory of God was his natural crying. His father known as Bholanath and mother as Sakarba felt their very beings as beatific and sublimed to have such scion. None can restrain from his impact if once comes in touch with him. People with a glance at his divine fun, exceedingly be bewildered about his glorious and competent allure. Not only human being but Indra (The king of heaven) Brahma (The creator God) and such others demigods were too included in his seers. They often stiffened to have his spiritual vision. We know very well that it is arduous for us to talk or to take appointment to meet Prime Minister, actors and dancers. Then you can infer stiffness felt in divine vision.

After he got initiation from lord Swaminarayan once it so happened. He was an executive president of Junagadh Temple. In early morning Bhagvandas, a saint came to Junagadh from ''Maliya'' a village. As he swiftly entered the dormitory of saints, swamiji engrossed in the meditation of Shrihari magnetized his inclination. Bhagvandas swami courteously prostrated to swami and got his seat nearby him. After a few hours swami opened his eyes when he had received sufficient bliss by meditation and asked Bhagvandas swami with sweetheart the purpose of arrival in that unexpected time.

Little hesitated Bhagvandasji appealed however in interrupted yet in moderate speech to swami , Oh!swami No article causes me to come here. Always I feel myself happy since when I have sheltered to Lord Swaminarayan, yet certain urge led me here forcefully. Even having asserted still, he rendered speechless, so swamiji enjoined to tell problem whatever might be. Eventually he intermittently expressed the situation. "Last night Brahma came to me " after having repose he continued "and urged with unassuming phonation". Further on he added to get permission from you since he wants to see you, said swami. When I advised him to go straight to you he described his inability in doing so. I am sorry! Swamiji ! told Brahma for this and entreated me to provide it. On his behalf I am politely pleading you "Please you should content his eye-eager". For so long swamiji absorbed in contemplation just as he was referring to Supreme God on this case. Swami then asked Bhagavandas where he is. Indicating with his finger he mentioned the place outside the temple where he was awaiting. Melt hearted Swami kindly consented to let him to come to him. Swamiji himself came out and graced Brahma with his simple but sublime vision. As soon as Brahma saw swami, he experienced abnormal and ineffable gladness. He began to pray swami with unpretentious terms as a poet describes the King. That every moment of his life, He felt, is succeeded at that time. Shower your grace and mercy upon us O! Swami! Said Brahma and disappeared soon. After his departure swami rebuked Bhagvan das with scolding voice not to let such impious people visit me thenceforth. Such a pity soul doesn't deserve to meet us. Again you should not bring such man to me. Because the people, like Brahma, Indra and so on are indecent and irreverent ascertained Swami. Secret of this incident is very tangled and intractable. Gunatitanand swami reluctantly agreed to give darshan to the Brahma because of the appeal of Bhagavandas. Supposing Brahma himself had been urged swami directly, swami would have been prohibited him.

Such great personality he was!! Mere his name was so meaningful that it has a boundless significance epistemologically. Guna means the three types of product of nature namely 1 Satva 2 Rajas 3 Tamas. The term Atit signifies the aloofness from that early-mentioned earthly virtues of Maya.The rest means the bliss. Thus these three terms merged together constitute the meaning of word Gunatitanand. At a conclusion simply a person who feels joy to be beyond these three qualities of Maya is called Gunatitanand.

In Dabhan during the great sacrificial charity he was initiated by lord and given with this unique name of Gunatitanand swami. After words he was also appointed at the president ship of Junagadh temple where he spent about forty years and extremely propagated satsang in that region. In the samvat 1923 swamiji desired to leave this mundane world, in Gondal. And there he left his corporeal body. Before this however swamiji intended to his body for divine abode. Shriji Maharaj ordained to distribute spirituality in society. Of course by the grace of god he was bestowed with age of many years when his age was really finished. His work is very very remarkable in the spreading of satsang.

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Devanand Swami

Lord Swaminarayan had been to village Barol. An old woman offered Him food. He was served Khichdi. The plate was then filled up with ghee. Since He was called as Almighty God, a good deal of people came to see Him. To disperse them, Lord started to act like a fool. He started to lick up the flow of ghee from his elbow. Thinking Him a fool, people went away, while a boy of about six years came forward and said, "You are Almighty God Supreme."Lord asked,"How do you say ? "He replied, "Nobody’s tongue can reach up to elbow. Yours is reaching so you are Almighty God. He renounced and became Devanand Swami. He was also a born poet.

His hymns and songs describing the effect of the vices and bad habits, the inescapable cycle of death and birth, the unbearable pains to be suffered there in, the very scarce availability of human life and its duty are very effective.

He has served his last twenty two years as the chief of the temple of Muli.

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Vyapakanand Swami

Vyapakanand Swami was an ardent staunch devotee of Lord Swaminarayan having Akhand Samadhi, i.e. uninterrupted stage of trance or meditation. He used to see Lord in divine perceptible human from in every stage and in every work, even in deep sleep.

While preaching once, he had been to Lucknow. Vaniram was a God fearing straight forward Diwan of the Navab of Lucknow. Other Muslims Officers envied him. They put some false allegations against him, and declared him guilty. Navab ordered that Vaniram should either pay a penalty of rupees one lakh or to embrace Islam within a period of one month.

Vaniram could not manage such huge sum. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Since, he was under pressure to become Muslim, he decided to better end up his life. He went to a Shivalaya away from city with a dagger in his hand. Luckily, by the same time Vyapakanand Swami reached there. Vaniram saw him, reverently bowed at his feet and explained everything to Swamiji.

Vyapakanand Swami said, "Human life is very precious. Once if it is lost uselessly, one can’t get it again after a lapse of crores and crores of years. By human life one can worship God and can get ultimate salvation. It should not be thrown away by suicide under any circumstances. Suicide is an unpardonable sin.

Further said, Almighty God has manifested Himself as Lord Swaminarayan for the redemption of innumerable souls. He has freed innumerable brutal, sinful, vicious, hearts from all the vices and made them idle ardent devotees. You become his devotee, worship Him ardently with the strict observance of his five vows.

To abstain from:

  1. Drinking wine, liquor any intoxicating drug in any form
  2. Meat-eating in any form in any case
  3. An act of stealing
  4. Adultery
  5. Partaking food and drinks from improper persons and improper sources

If you observe and follow these five vows thoroughly and worship Him heartily. He will definitely save you in every respect. Be care free and worship Him ardently."So saying, Swamiji left the place.

The very third day, Lord Swaminarayan went to the Nagar Sheth of Lucknow in a guise of a merchant named Purshottam Sheth with a chariot full of gold coins paid him the penalty on behalf of Vaniram and took the receipt of it.

The Nagar Sheth handed it over to the Navab and told him everything. Vaniram was released. Hearing this, Vaniram shed tears of gratitude, realizing that it was none but Lord Swaminarayan Himself, who had played the divine role.

Vaniram told everything to the Navab who realized the result of hearty devotion of Vaniram and the Supremacy of Lord Swaminarayan. He also became a follower devotee of the Lord.

When Lord Swaminarayan’s elder and younger brothers Rampratapji and Iccharamji were going from Ayodhya to Gadhada, they passed through Lucknow. Vaniram knew this. He informed Nawab who highly reverently respected them in his Royal Court.

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Swarupanand Swami. Ever engrossed in Samadhi

Swarupanand Swami was an ardent staunch devotee of Lord having uninterrupted stage of samadhi i.e., trance or meditation. He used to see Lord in perceptible human from in every stage and in every work, even in deep sleep. Mostly, he did not have consciousness of his own. In Satsangi Jivan a dialogue of Suvrat Muni and the King Pratapsingh is given. This Suvrat Muni and Swarupanand Swami were one and the same. He used to see and hear Lord even if he might be at a far distance.

Once, he came to Lord. Lord asked him, "How is the communion, and how far it has been spread up ?"He replied, "I have seen only one man that too under the neem tree. "Somebody doubted. When he has not seen the people, to whom he might have preached ?"Lord said, "You preach the people, they follow it, observe it and pray God accordingly then only people may get salvation, but for him people may get salvation only by seeing him lovingly because he is ever engrossed in God Supreme. "His vision is like that of the God.

People doubted, "If he is ever engrossed, in God, how he must be doing his daily routine work ? "Lord asked him to clear the doubt. Swami replied, "If a man takes an arrow to shoot, and a lemon is attached on its point. Wherever he aims, he can see the lemon, while the aim remains covered. It may strike or not but lemon is seen continuously. Similarly, my main aim is the divine from of Lord. The bodily routine work is less important. It is done, but uncertainly."

Lord praised him as of a very high stage known as Brahmaswarup.

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Sachchidanand Swami, Excessive mad love

Sachchidanand Swami an ardent staunch devotee having excessive mad love. He also used to see and hear Lord in any stage and in any work. If he could not see Lord, he used to become mad. Then he used to wander everywhere asking the whereabouts of Lord, to animals, trees etc. People used to tie him and shut him in a house. Even then, he used to get out freely. He had no bondage of anything. He used to pass through solid walls also.

Lord was at Dharampur near Valsad. Ladha Thakkar once asked him for food. Swami replied, "I had been to Dharampur in Samadhi. Lord fed me too much. "Ladha said,"It is 450 kms. away from here"You are boasting in the name of Samadhi. Sachchidanand Swami said, "You won’t trust me , see this."So saying he vomited and showed him Biranj, Dudhpak etc. fed by Lord in Samaghi.

He could not see anybody suffering or ailing. In the case of drought, people used to go to him for rain. Only by a shout in the name of Indra, it would start raining heavily. He is famous in the Sampraday as the Aishvayra Murti, the master of the powers.

Jiva Khachar of Gadhda once doubted and commented upon the incident of Durvasa who ate up the one thousand dishes of food. After some days, there was a festival at Gadhda. Jiva Khachar prepared sweets to feed all the Saints. Since Sachchidanand Swami was staying and working at Radha Baug, Lord asked Jiva Khachar to feed him first and to let him go. Jiva Khachar took him to the room where the sweets were kept. He opened and asked Swami to eat as much as he could. Swami opened his mouth and the sweets started to go gradually in it. After some time, the room was empty. Jiva Khachar was very much surprised. Both came to Lord. Lord asked Jiva Khachar, "Have you fed him ?"Sachchidanand Swami replied, "I am yet hungry."Lord told Jiva Khachar, "Not to doubt in the scriptures written by the great people. "Jiva Khachar fell at His feet, He had to prepare sweets again for all.

Sachchidanand Swami, An ideal love

Once Lord asked Sachchidanand Swami, "How is your love towards me ?"Swami replied, "I have known you as the cause of all the causes, Parabrahma Parabrahma, the Almighty God Supreme. So without any cause or without any fault of mine, if you give a big hammer in the hand of any of these devotees and ask them to crush my knees and ankles with it, afterwards you don’t give or don’t allow to give any medical treatment even then I won’t feel ill of you or any of the devotee who would have crushed my knees and ankles. I won’t even leave this courtyard and go elsewhere to beg. I would remain here only and would collect the offal thrown away in the dunghill or dustbin to eat. Why so ? I know. There are no such type of devotees or saints anywhere. There is no God Supreme except you. There is no source of ultimate redemption anywhere else."

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Give me your the most cherished. Achyutdasji.

The great three Saints Swarupanand Swami, Santdasji and Vyapakanand Swami all were having Akhand Samadhi i.e. uninterrupted stage of samadhi, used to see Lord in every work and in every stage.

Once, they happened to pass from a village Dhufai. A boy aged seven to eight years saw them, bowed them and asked, "It is noon. Will you please take some food ?"They said, "Yes. "The boy gave them rice and dal and asked them to cook as his parents had gone for work. The Saints prepared Khichdi, offered to Lord with butter milk and ate. They gave to the boy also, and the rest they kept for his parents.

The parents were not at home, even then, the boy showed politeness, mercy and offered alms to the hungry. Seeing this, the Great Saints were very much pleased. They asked him, "Boy, we are pleased with your politeness, mercy and your devout behavior. You may ask anything you like from us."The boy replied, "Please give me the most cherished to you. "They said, "Almighty God Supreme is the most cherished for us, we will give you. "Since then, the boy also became a great saint of the same high rank. He also used to see and hear Lord in every work and in every stage, even though Lord might be hundreds of miles away.

The boy renounced home, became a saint named Achyutdasji. He used to work in the garden of Bhuj temple but did not go to temple. Once, Pujari, the worshipper asked him, "Why are you not coming in the temple to see God ?"He replied, "I can see everything from here."He described everything adored by him.

Once he had been to Ahmedabad. He used to sit and meditate at his encampment. Hearing him as a great Saint, the Pujari, the worshipper went to see him and asked, "Why don’t you come to the temple ?"He replied, "I can see from here. Due to darkness you have dressed Lord reversibly. Please check it. "The worshipper went to the temple and checked. They were reverse. He was surprised.

Achyutdasji remained for many years as the chief of the Bhuj temple.

How great must be the three Saints by whose grace Achyutdasji reached to such a high stage.

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Adwaitanand Swami. Magniram Deviwala

A devout Brahmin of Tamilnadu named Magniram worshipped Goddess Sharda with austere penance. The Goddess Sharda was pleased. She asked him for required boon. He said, "Please get me the vision of Almighty God in human form. "Goddess Sharda said, "It is not in my hand, but I bless you. You try hard and you will be able to see Him in human form."

Afterwards, he went to Jagannathpuri. There were too many Khakis and Vairagis adapt in evil charms, and evil spirits. By their association he also became adapt in evil charms and evil spirits. Then he used to wander as head of a big group. Wherever he went he used to harass and snatch money and other rich amenities from the public, by the threat of evil spirits.

Hearing the reputation of Lord Swaminarayan, he want to Him at Mangrol in Saurashtra, and asked for 5000 rupees. Lord said, "This is an alms-house, take food if you want or go away. "He gave threatening of evil spirits. Lord said, "A lion will never be frightened by a fox. Go away. Lord insulted him and drove him away."

Magniram, who was then famous as Magniram Deviwala, went to his encampment, invoked the evil spirits, sent them to kill Lord Swaminarayan. They went back and beet him. Finally, he invoked Sharda Goddess and asked her to throw away Swaminarayan in the sea with His Ashram. Sharda said, "Remember, when I was pleased first, you had asked the divine vision of Almighty God Supreme. You have been misled by evil association. Lord Swaminarayan is Almighty God Supreme. I pray Him. If you want your salvation, you also worship Him."

Early in the morning Magniram went to the Ashram, swept the court yard utensils etc. and in early assembly with folded hands asked Lord to forgive him. Lord got him insulted frequently. He went again and again and begged for pardon. He asked Lord to forgive him and to take him as His Saint devotee. Lord asked him to make a bundle of the shoes of the devotees, to take it on his head and to take rounds around the gathering. He did everything, leaving up pride, ego, self respect etc.

Lord Swaminarayan then initiated him as tyagi Saint and named him as Adwaitanand Swami. He became a great saint, yet he was famous by his old name Magniram Deviwala.

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Bhumanand Swami

In the initial stages of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya Shreeji Maharaj’s divine message was spread by the aid of the great Paramhansa’s. The Paramhansa’s travelled from village to village tirelessly to impart the divine message. These Saints were not ordinary, they staunchly observed Maharaj’s niyams. Many of the great Paramhansas excelled in the fields of art and music and they composed many kirtans full of divinity, what makes these kirtans even great is that they were sung before Shree Hari Himself. Even now when these kirtans are sung, the words still arouse the same feeling of bhakti. In this article we shall look into the inspiration behind one such great kirtan composed by Sadguru Bhumanand Swami.

Before Sadguru Bhumanand Swami became a saint he was know as Rupjibhai.

Rupjibhai lived in Vadhvan, he was a sincere and devoted man. He was also a great poet and composed many kirtans which were full of bhakti (devotion). However his verses always carried a tinge of loneliness.

Why ?

For many years Rupjibhai had secretly wished to meet God, but that wish had not yet been fulfilled.

Once one of his friends, Dhanbhai, said "Rupji, everyone knows of your devotion and your kirtans , but you know its all worthless until you find God." Dhanabhai knew of

Rupjibhai’s secret desire and he wanted to tease him a little. "Don’t misunderstand me

Rupji but you are wasting your time singing front of that picture! Why don’t you go and see God Himself?"

"Have you gone mad? Why do you say such things?" replied Rupjibhai.

"Well its true, if you want to see God then you have to go an meet Him."

"Oh you make it sound so simple, as if God is in the next village!"

"Very well, don’t listen to me. I just thought that you may be interested in going to Gadhadha, you may find him there."

Rupjibhai came to Gadhadha. Making his way through the crowd , Rupjibhai tried to find his way to Dada Khachar’s darbar. Alone and tired, he wondered if God was really going to be here. Just then he saw a figure on a horse, the figure was Shreeji Maharaj. Rupjibhai later wrote the following kirtan describing this scene:


Come friends, let us go and see Him, He who is the love of my life…

Sheriyumaa aave latakanto laalo re…

There He is coming through the narrow lane, smiling and waving…


The Vedas say He is indescribable, how the can we describe his beauty using mere words?


Infinite devtas of love become totally smitten when they see him riding his horse, Roza…


He is surrounded by His sadhus, shining brightly like the moon surrounded by the stars…


These sadhus are as great as Shuk and the Sanaks, yet they are dancing and singing His praises…


His servant is walking next to him waving a fan. Here he comes, Bhumanand’s Lord is coming here…

Rupjibhai followed the procession to Laxmi Vadi, where Maharaj called him and said,

"Rupjibhai, how much longer will you hide in your small corner? Come out and let people know your greatness."

Thus Rupjibhai went onto become Sadguru Bhumanand Swami.

The mere sight of the Lord in Gadhada inspired Bhumanand Swami to write the above verse. From this incident we can only imagine how great the beautiful darshan of Shreeji Maharaj indeed it must have been truly divine!!


Mulji Brahmachari -Mukundanand Varni Lord’s ever ready attendant

Mulji Brahmachari (Mukundanand Varni) was Lord’s ever ready attendant. He used to remain always with Him, as if the shadow of the body, for His immediate service. While serving Lord, he did not care for his own body. Once he was sitting on the back side gallery of the Vadtal temple. Lord was sitting on the ground downward. Lord asked for water. Mulji Brahmachari jumped down and gave water. Lord asked, "Why did you jump from so high? You would have broken your bones."He replied, "It would be late in your service if I climb down the steps."

Once Mulji Brahmachari (Mukundanand Varni) was dozing. Lord threw the betel-nut rosary. He woke up lifted up Lord and started running with Him. Lord asked him, "What is this ? .What are you doing ? "He is replied, "I was sleeping. I got a dream. You were in a house. Suddenly, it got fire. So I picked you up and ran outside. Thus, he was selving Lord in dreams also.

Once, Lord drove him away from His service without any fault and was ordered many strict restrictions, even then he did not feel ill at all. Similarly, Lord tested him very often, yet, he was firm and innocent in his love and service. So, Lord took him back in His service and kept him always with Him.


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