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Swaminarayan Tithi | Swaminarayan Festival

Swaminarayan Tithi | Swaminarayan Festival


Importance of Indian Sub-continent

On Kartik Sud 1st to 11th (Prabodhini Ekadasi) in Bhaktibaug, Gadhada, Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan asked Shukanand Muni to write a letter to His Devotees (Hari-bhakts) about how scarce it is to be born in India.Reference: "Harileela Mrut" granth, 6th Kalash, 11-12 Vishraam. "Harileela Mrut" granth was written by Acharya Shree Viharilalji Maharaj

It has been written in many holy books (Granths) including Shreemat Bhagvat that it is very scarce to born as a human-being in India. It takes about 100 Janams' punya (amount of good work collected in 100 lives of human-beings) to born as a human-being in India. Even Indra and other Devtaa wish that they get to take a birth in India and get a Moksha. It has been said, "Moksha can only be achieved by taking a birth in India as a human-being and then pray Bhagwan with Dharma, Gnan, Vairagya and Bhakti."

Here is a summary of what is written is "Harileela Mrut" holybook. The following is an overview of the Universe (Brahmand)
  • There are 14 Loks in this Universe, in which Mrutyulok is the best one.

  • In Mrutyulok, there are 7 Seas (Samudra/Dhveep), in which Jambu-dhveep (Jambu-Samudra) is the best one.

  • In Jambu-dhveep, there are 9 Khands (Continents). In which Indian sub-continent (Bharat-Khund) is the BEST. The reason is because there are so many types Bhautik Sukhs (happiness) on those 8 Khands but there is no place to achieve Adhayatmik Moksha. There is only one place in the whole Universe to achieve Adhayatmik Moksha and that is Bharat-Khund. That's why nothing in 14 Loks can even come close to Bharat-Khund.

  • In Bharat-Khund, there are 25.5 Desh (divisions or countries) which are considered under Indian sub-continent.

  • However, only 12.5 out of 25 Desh (divisions) are the best in Indian sub-continent because in these 12.5 divisions a person would find a true Sadguru. The 12.5 divisions are listed as following:
    1. Purva (East), 2. Vraj, 3. Malav, 4. Maru, 5. Punjab, 6. Gujarat, 7. Dakshin (South), 8. Malbar, 9. Tilung (Tamil), 10. Dravid, 11. Barmalar, 12. Sorath (in Gujarat), 12.5 1/2 Kachha (in Gujarat). In only these 12.5 Desh, one can always find a true and Pavitra Sadhus (Swamis/Saints). A person who is born in one of these 12.5 Desh will most likely understand the concept of Dharm, Gnan, Vairagya, Bhakti and find a way to achieve Adhayatmik Moksha because there are many Avtars that Bhagwan took in these 12.5 Desh and so these Desh are considered to be the best. A person in India who tries to achieve Adhayatmik Moksha and has a true Sadguru (saint) will get the Adhayatmik Moksha. Anyone who does not try will not get the Moksha and he/she will go back in the cycle of 84 Lakhs (8.4 Million) of Janam-Marans (birth-death) in different species (lives) throughout the world . If a person had not committed sin yet he/she was not a true devotee (meaning not having dharma, gnan, vairagya and bhakti) of God will get to stay in heaven until he/she runs out of his/her good karma. After that, he/she will return upon earth and go through the cycle of 8.4 million different lives.

  • Thus, if you get a birth in India and in one of the above 12.5 desh and do not pray to God then your birth (janam) in India is a big loss to you.
This article explained how scarce it is to be born in India as a human-being.
There are 108 Tirth-Dhams including 4 main Dhams in India.

The 4 Dhams are located in each 4 directions.

  1. Badrinath-Kedarnath in North
  2. Rameshvar in South
  3. Jagannathpuri in East
  4. Dhavarika in West

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