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Vinoba bhave thoughts on vegetarianism

Vinoba bhave thoughts on vegetarianism


The following thoughts expressed by Vinoba Bhave are from the book "Selections from Vinoba" (abbreviated in the text as S.V.), written by Vishwanath Tandon. The book has been published by Sarva Seva Sanghprakashan, Rajghat, Varanasi - 221001, India in 1981.


I believe that India's special contribution to the history of non-violence is the giving up of animal food. Not that all Indians are vegetarians, but the idea commands the respect of all. I have seen many a cruel person among habitual vegetarians and many a kind one among meat eaters. In spite of this, I believe that vegetarianism will go a long way to help the evolution of non-violence, and humanity will be imperfect without it.
S. V.-1155

With me it is also an article of faith that the modern man has got to attain, sooner rather than later, an adult status, when he shall kill no creature of God for food or sport, when he will refuse to lock upon any living being as his food. For, mankind must reach the conclusion soon enough that vegetarian food is the best food for man so as to enable him to outgrow the beast in him. I am also aware that enough vegetarian food is not available in the world today. Nevertheless, I submit that the reform is essential for the evolution and perfection of man and for the unity of religious and spiritual endeavour of all mankind.
S. V.-1156


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